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Women Empowerment Unit

The Women's Empowerment Division is one of the most important divisions that seeks to eliminate all manifestations of discrimination against women through mechanisms that help them to become self-reliant and empower them by making development more understanding and participatory between men and women. Therefore, development is not just social care for women, but rather social development aimed at empowering women. Women possess the elements of economic and social strength to enable them to be self-reliant, continuously improve their situations, and participate in decision-making. The Women’s Empowerment Department was created in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to Ministerial Order No. (14) on 1/5/2021 to follow up on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution (1325), and a Women’s Empowerment Division was created in all universities and formations associated with the Ministry according to Ministerial Order No. 479 on 7/6/2021.


Preparing women to be effective in achieving sustainable development in a nation that guarantees them all their constitutional rights and making them capable of dealing with challenges and enhancing their role in all fields.

the message

Women acquire skills and knowledge, develop them and develop them to be an effective and efficient element to participate in decision-making and influence its formulation and strategic activation in a way that meets the nation’s needs in the current and future stages.


  1. Enhancing women’s participation in various fields of study and research at the university.
  2. Providing training programs and workshops aimed at enhancing leadership skills and personal development for female students.
  3. Support scientific research that focuses on women’s issues and challenges in our society.
  4. Promoting a comprehensive and encouraging university environment for women that enhances gender balance.
  5. Develop guidance and counseling programs for female students to support them in determining their career paths.
  6. Launching initiatives to enhance communication and exchange of experiences between female students and graduates.
  7. Encouraging the effective participation of women in student and community activities.
  8. Holding awareness-raising events on gender equality issues and stimulating dialogue on these issues.
  9. Providing psychological and social support programs for female students to enhance their personal well-being.
  10. Providing scholarships and funding opportunities for female students to encourage academic excellence and innovation.
  11. Developing the spirit of leadership and responsibility and enhancing the status of women in regional and international forums.
  12. Women’s participation in the decision-making and decision-making process.
  13. Obtaining the support of the international community and local and international organizations to contribute to the implementation of United Nations resolutions related to women.


  1. Preparing all plans, programs and activities related to women’s issues and following up on their implementation.
  2. Expressing opinion and advice on women’s issues.
  3. Developing women’s capabilities by adopting successful experiences and disseminating their results.
  4. Study the reality of women at the National University and suggest successful solutions to their problems.
  5. Supporting and enhancing women’s ability to control their lives, whether inside or outside the home.
  6. Supporting and strengthening women in making their own choices and making women feel their value and self.

The legal framework

  1. The principles, rights and freedoms stipulated in the Iraqi Constitution regarding women.
  2. Iraqi laws and legal legislation.
  3. Relevant government decisions and policies.
  4. Conventions, treaties and charters related to women’s issues that Iraq has ratified.

Women's Empowerment Activity

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