Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation


Department head’s speech

The National University of Science and Technology was interested in applying comprehensive quality standards to obtain programmatic accreditation for all its formations, and from there to institutional accreditation, reaching international accreditation, and in order to obtain an advanced classification among international, Arab, and Iraqi universities, as quality has become the title of the university’s excellence in all its educational and support formations, so the department seeks Ensuring quality and academic accreditation leads to continuous improvement in the performance of the university and all its formations and consolidating the principles of comprehensive quality among all members by holding educational and cultural courses, seminars and workshops on quality and what is the benefit achieved from its application, as well as defining what accreditation is, its types, how to obtain it and the benefit from it in order to reach global accreditation based on From local and Arab reliability.

Overview of the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department

The Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department was established in 2015 with the establishment of the university. It is linked administratively to the university structure by the university president and consists of three administrative departments approved by the Ministry

The vision

Great experience in the vision and mission of the university. The Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance adopts the vision and mission of the university for local, Arab and global leadership by obtaining Arab accreditation with local accreditation.

The message

Creating a research and academic environment at a local and Arab level to achieve leadership and innovation in the health and medical field, in addition to supporting community service initiatives, all within the framework of local and Arab reliability.

The objectives

Local and Arabic accreditation in the field of academic accreditation to ensure the quality of education. Obtaining academic accreditation by applying approved local standards in the Arabic and local languages. Enter the approved classifications locally, Arabic , and internationally through the application as you wish. Graduates of our university

The Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department is divided into three divisions and unit

Quality Assurance Division

  1. Implementing and following up on institutional and programmatic accreditation at the university and its formations
  2. Coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding developments in quality assurance and academic accreditation
  3. Spreading the culture of quality assurance and academic accreditation at the university and its affiliated institutions.
  4. Preparing periodic reports on the implementation of institutional and program accreditation.
  5. Preparing periodic reports on improvement and continuous improvement.
  6. Approaching organizations and companies interested in the field of training, developing and accrediting international academic programs.
  7. Follow up on developments in quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  8. Openness to local, Arab and international institutions in the areas of quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  9. Ensure participation in the various internal and external activities held by the university.
  10. Documenting the institutional and program accreditation standards for the university and its formations

Performance Evaluation Division

  1. Evaluating the performance in the university’s departments and colleges and doing what is necessary to determine the level of performance and its quality.
  2. Create a database for all university activities and formations and follow up on the development of the educational process there.
  3. Work to evaluate the electronic performance of all university formations and submit the necessary reports regarding it
  4. Follow up on field evaluation results and submit the necessary recommendations to the university president and inform the ministry.
  5. Preparing final reports on the annual performance of the university’s members and formations.
  6. Preparing periodic reports on the division’s activity and annual completion rates and submitting them to the Director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department.
  7. Any other tasks assigned to the Division by the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department to support the university performance evaluation process.

Laboratory Accreditation Division

  1. Determining the technical specifications for devices and equipment, coding them, and documenting their data in coordination by laboratory officials with laboratories at the university and other universities.
  2. Monitoring and auditing laboratory specifications in accordance with the requirements of approved standard specifications.
  3. Follow up on the implementation of calibration programs for devices and equipment with the relevant authorities.
  4. Coordination with the Laboratory Accreditation Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Agency, to develop and improve the performance of laboratories to achieve laboratory accreditation by one of the competent and relevant authorities.
  5. Coordination to open programmed courses to train laboratory workers according to specializations and in accordance with international specifications and national standards.
  6. Work to activate the procedures and requirements determined by the laboratory accreditation team in the field.
  7. Coordination with relevant local and external authorities to hold specialized courses to train members of the Division on programs for auditors and quality examiners for laboratory accreditation.
  8. Conduct an effective internal audit of the laboratories and through self-efforts to determine the efficiency of the tests from time to time and submit the necessary reports to university officials.

Classifications unit

  1. Preparation to enter the university according to international, Arab and local classifications.
  2. Follow up on the university’s entry into international rankings
  3. Record periodic reports on international classifications and the extent of their application at the university and present them to the university’s Quality Council
  4. Unifying the required data that was disabled in the aforementioned categories.

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