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Student Activities Division

Student activities are the broad field in which students practice their hobbies. It is a group of positive programs that interact towards specific goals in order to achieve them to develop the student’s personality, raise his ability, and occupy his free time. The student is its focus and goal. Achieving positivity in his life is an important and intended matter in addition to his academic studies.

Department message includes

Members of the Student Activities Department work as a catalyst to engage students in learning opportunities to make student life at the National University of Science and Technology enjoyable, educational, attractive and memorable.

  1. Developing a sense of belonging to the homeland and a sense of responsibility among students.
  2. Participation in student activities and community and university service
  3. Developing the spirit of teamwork.
  4. Raising the level of the student’s ability to read and comprehend and open the horizons of knowledge before him, so that his culture does not stop at the limit of the specialized book, but rather extends to include the symposium, the evening, the research, the competition, the trip, the play, and other elements of culture.
  5. Discovering students’ talents, abilities, and skills, refining them, and encouraging them. Investing students’ free time and organizing it in productive, productive activity that gains students experiences and creates leaders among them who can understand the problems of their society.
The tasks and duties of the Student Activities Department are summarized as follows
  1. Develop a plan for various sports, social, cultural and artistic activities that suit the inclinations and desires of students.
  2. . Preparing sports teams and technical and scouting teams that represent Iraqi universities in external participations and following up on their ministerial decisions.
  3. Providing the necessary supplies for practicing sports, artistic, and scouting activities in a manner consistent with the inclinations and desires of students
  4. Providing monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the department’s work
  5. Conduct periodic field visits to follow up on sports tournaments in Iraqi universities.
  6. Managing the department’s affairs in all administrative, technical and financial aspects and the work of the department’s members.

Divisions Scientific Affairs

Division of Artistic and Cultural Activities

The artistic includes the drawing competition, the handicrafts competition, the Arabic calligraphy competition, the photography competition, the university theater competition, professional and traditional exhibitions, while the cultural includes public lectures, seminars, open meetings, student clubs, competitions, university theater and cultural festivals.


Sports Activities Division

The university colleges league includes football, basketball, handball, volleyball, five-a-side football, ground tennis and table tennis competitions, and local and external participations.


Scouting Activities Division

Spreading awareness among students, carrying out volunteer work, spreading cultural awareness among students, and participating in international and local scout camps


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