Scientific promotions affairs


Academic Promotions Affairs Division

The Division of Academic Promotion Affairs at the National University of Science and Technology works to enhance the academic development of faculty members. The Division focuses on providing effective support to researchers and academics to enhance the level of academic achievement and encourage innovation. The Division seeks to facilitate procedures related to scientific promotions and provide a vibrant environment that encourages scientific research and development. Its main goal is to build distinguished academic cadres and an effective contribution to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.


We seek to be a pioneer in supporting scientific promotions, through developing distinguished educational and research cadres. We aspire to be a center of excellence that promotes innovation and contributes to providing a solution to current scientific challenges.

the message

We, in the Division of Academic Promotion Affairs at the National University of Science and Technology, are committed to enhancing the level of academic achievement and scientific research of faculty members. Our mission is to encourage innovation and develop research skills to build a leading academic environment.


  1. Facilitating and improving academic promotion procedures for academic staff.
  2. Promoting a culture of scientific research and encouraging investigation in various fields.
  3. Providing a supportive environment for researchers through an abundance of resources and opportunities.
  4. Enhancing interaction and communication between departments and colleges to enhance scientific exchange.
  5. Developing training programs and workshops to develop faculty members’ skills.
  6. Strengthening international cooperation and partnerships to raise the university’s position on the global scientific scene.

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